Website development

Website creation or development is not easy process and for its successful realization one will need the professional help.

Working with professional developer, one can save time, money and nerves.

For more than 10 years Advertising Media Web Studio develops websites and implements different network services. Due to this experience our team will offer you simple, clear and economically attractive solution for your website.   

As mentioned above, website creation is rather difficult process. This article will take you step-by –step through all the stages of the process and it would be easier for you to understand all these mechanisms. Cooperating together we can create useful tool, comfortable service or just a popular website for you. You have to understand that passing to your site customer has to be satisfied with it and to find the desire to return here once again.

Main stages of website creation

Starting to develop website the specialists of Advertising Media Web Studio will agree the working plan with you. This plan consists of next important stages:

  1. Task actualization which means understanding of the main purposes website is needed for.
  2. Analysis which means collection of all the necessary information for creating and continuous update of website.
  3. Planning which means determination of all the functional features of website and its design conception. Adjustment and confirmation which means preparation and adjustment for technical specification, adjustment for terms and cost of development, signing the agreement.  
  4. Encryption which means writing the website software component and system tuning of website administration.
  5. Electronic composition which means combination of graphical and software components of website.
  6. Website filling which means primary filling of the website with the information required for work.
  7. Error correction which means resource testing.
  8. Transfer and acceptance of the project.

Let’s consider every stage more detailed:

Before creating the website we have to understand what your purpose is. We have to find out whether you need to carry out the advertising campaign, organize online sales, build business-card website or you just want permanently offer your customers new information. Try to come to a decision in this matter. You have to have the ultimate purpose and it should be real, with specific time limits.

The most popular choices of the website ordering customers are:

  • desire to carry out the marketing research
  • increase the amount of company clients
  • increase of amount of the sold goods and services
  • online sales of goods
  • communication with clients
  • brand advertising

Since we come up with the purpose of the project, we have to define primal tasks that project will solve.

One has to understand whether there is a requirement of face-to-face communication with customers or in other words if such things like forum, guestbook, and news board are needed. One has to decide the necessity of such marketing tools like various pools, voting, questionnaire surveys, feedback, etc. One has to think how order, payment and delivery should be carried out if online-shop is planned.

If one clears all these questions beforehand, he/she will avoid many problems in the future. For this purpose the detailed technical specification is written.

The next stage is mutual approval of cost and lead time. It is documented in the additional agreement to the development contract.

The following stages of the website development like encryption, electronic composition and testing would be performed by specialists of Advertising Media Web Studio. You will get the result of their work on the stage of website testing.

Website testing needs special group of people who will record all the inaccuracies and mistakes. Proper testing will show you whether all the functional elements work right, the navigational system is comfortable and reasoned, and content meets your idea of its presentation.

Since all the corrections are made and all the comments are taken into account you will get your website. We can place it on your hosting or you can arrange service contract with us and then our Web Studio will serve your website and fill it with content.

It may seem that our prices are too high, but don’t forget that website development can’t cost cheap. Result of our work will beat all your expectations and you will definitely get that particular product that you have ordered. Companies with low prices will offer you raw and non-operational substitute of website and its adaptation will cost you astronomical amount of money.

If you are subjected to budget we can offer you reasonable web solution. We will pick up only necessary working functional and realize it with our own operating system. The fundamental advantage of our operating system is that in the course of time one can add functionality, installing all necessary construction units.

Advertising Media Web Studio is the right choice because we have a great development experience of different projects.

 We are very proud to use our own website operating system. That also shows our professionalism because only few web studios can offer their own website operating system.

We provide the ordering customer with all the necessary documents and we guarantee prompt response to the customer’s request.

If you like what we do, and want to order website development in Advertising Media Web Studio, get in touch with us by phone: +38 (044) 461 91 61, or launch our simple project planner below: