Web Design

The onrush of technology made web design the important part of every project. Nowadays there’s no such self-respecting company that has no its own website.

Advertising Media Web Studio offers not just a graphic design of your website, but the web design on a turnkey basis. This service includes composition of expert technical design specification, data structuring, analysis of information about the future project, graphic design and project layout.

The main stages of website design are listed below so you can easily understand how it is done and how to make it more successful.

Stages of website design

The first stage is the technical design specification.

One has to define the main target of website and its capacities, to create the needed property set of website structure and visual representation. On completing, the project has to be approved by the ordering customer.

On this stage the work is in hand of the project coordinator.

The second stage is the analysis and structuring the tasks or creating the website architecture.

The second stage consists of data structuring process. One has to review so-called website usability that includes website form and content management. One has to examine the logical structure of website pages and to find the right modes of information provision. This way the logical chain of navigation is formed. 

At this stage designer and task manager are involved in the project.

The third stage is the graphic presentation of website.

Next stage consists of development website graphic design. Using the graphical editor one makes the composition of website visual space by way of graphical elements both as decoration and navigation. Web design doesn’t have any extra elements and factually all the design is composed of website design elements as abstract parts. These elements include concept of space, lines, shapes, colors, textures, fonts, forms, clear-obscures and sizes. All these components create essential composition and small parts compose complete picture. Web design principles form the basis of all the elements cooperation. Basic principles of web design are balance, scale of gradations, subordination, focus of attention, maintaining aspect ratio and scale.

At this stage the page design represents as the file with the graphic presentation and all the work is in the hand of web designer of Advertising Media Web Studio.

The fourth stage is the project layout.

At this stage with the latest technologies of HTML5, CSS3 and Ajax the graphic presentation is divided into individual elements. All the received data is translated in the code. Further this code is integrated in the management system of your website.

Website layout is done by the layout specialist who is also a programmer and a design engineer at the same time. 

All the next manipulations with the website design like integration with the website management system, hosting and work optimization you can order in Advertising Media Web Studio.

Advertising Media Web Studio will create unique and contemporary design for your project. Our team will use all the knowledge and experience to make such web design that will touch feelings of every user!

If you like what we do, and want to order web design in Advertising Media Web Studio, get in touch with us by phone: +38 (044) 461 91 61, or launch our simple project planner below: