Like many other web developers, we decided not to reinvent the wheel and from the very beginning of the company’s activity tried to use off-the-shelf CMS, adapting them to our project’s needs. In a few moments practice showed that fairly often such a strategy leads to time losses because all the time you have to improve software defects. So, we’ve decided to build our own CMS.

Soon we’ve found that the decision was more than right. In a few months we’ve built reliable but simple base of our own CMS. Over the next few months of work it became obvious that company can realize projects, just using its own CMS SimSite.

When started development, we were committed to implementing best solutions over CMS building.

On different stages of development we’ve tried dozens of different alternatives to find the best one. Currently SimSite provides the following benefits:

  • Rich functionality. As experienced web developers, we build our CMS taking into account the real needs of both our projects and those of our customers. It may safely be said that in most cases 98.5% of the required project functionality will be provided immediately. This substantially reduces time expenditures and therefore saves money.
  • Modular architecture. CMS is built on the principle of division focused on the functionality of different modules. So, one can easily expand and test SimSite. 
  • Modern infrastructure. When developing SimSite, latest stable releases of all the development tools and server framework are used. Among the main tools we use PHP, web server Nginx and NoSQL DBMS MongoDB.
  • Open Source. We greatly respect Open Source community and the contribution of its members. In our work, we use only products offering open source code and free license. In our turn, rewarding the community, absolutely all the results of our work are available in the form of source codes and can be used by anyone completely free of charge. 
  • Efficiency. SimSite is abundantly used in many projects and approved itself as CMS that is ready for high force. We constantly analyze the existing operating result and are hard at work on productivity improvement.
  • Quality. We are constantly testing SimSite to detect bottlenecks and errors. This allows for maintaining high-level of CMS code quality. All the errors are immediately corrected and become available on GitHub.
  • Support. Choosing SimSite as the CMS for your project, you get ironclad guarantee of first-line technical support. As SimSite developers, our team will meet the demand of needed functionality for your project within the shortest time period.
  • Development. The world moves on. Innovative technologies, ideas and concepts appear on a daily basis. Robot.Red team constantly works on development SimSite CMS, keeping up with modern trends of web applications. It is subjected both to the improving existing functionality and implementing new opportunities.

If you liked principles specified above, and you want your project to work with SimSite CMS, we are looking forward to breathe life in it. If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact us.