Domain Name

Domain name registration by Advertising Media Web Studio is a standard but highly required procedure for those who are engaged in the creation of websites. Without a domain name the website wouldn’t be identified and therefore it would be impossible to find it in the Internet. 

Domain or a domain name is the identifier of each separate website. Any properly registered domain can be attached to any website. Domain name is a set of symbols. More often than not that are Latin characters, although there can be other variants.

Every website in the Internet has a unique domain, and therefore their number in a certain domain zone decreases with every new domain name registration. For this reason sometimes it is impossible to register a desirable domain. In other words, one has to choose between that what is not registered yet by others.

If one cannot find a suitable domain in the chosen domain zone, it is possible to look for in another one. Despite the fact that there are national domain zones, nobody forbids to register the domain name in other zones. In case if in a zone .com you did not find suitable domain for you or your organization then we can help you to look for the domain in more than 200 domain zones.

Domain name registration is not difficult and basically you can cope with it by yourself. 

You don’t have to be a web programmer or professional webmaster to register one or more domain names for website. You just have to fill out the registration form and to pay a bill after.

One has to prolong the domain name registration every year. Only then you can be sure that no one else will register your domain.

It’s worth noticing that there are a lot of so-called domain name registrars in the Internet and thus we advise you to start with checking out the prices for domain names in the desired domain zone.

The point is that the cost can be markedly different depending on registrar price policy. Do not believe anyone who says that he has the biggest choice of domain names because registrars have nothing common with quantity or choice of domain names, they only register the new domain owner. 

Sorry to say but there are a lot of registration services that don’t fulfill their obligations.That means e.g. you can buy a domain name for a ridiculous price, promote website investing a lot of money in it and once such an unfair registrar resell your domain to someone else. 

Therefore, we strongly recommend you to apply only to the registrars who have an official representative offices in your country and to conclude the real paper contract with them.

Advertising Media Web Studio works only with the registrars who have good recommendations. We cooperate with such registrars for more than 10 years and we always conclude a written contract with all our customers. 

If you like what we do, and want to order reliable and fast domain name registration  in Advertising Media Web Studio, get in touch with us by phone: +38 (044) 461 91 61, or launch our simple project planner below: