Every organization that estimates its work has a great ambition to improve the maximum quality of the work and to increase the number of clients.

What is the guarantee of success in this business?

The answer to this question is easy – the competent corporate design.

What is it?

That is not just a variety of facial decoration of rooms, furniture and development of advertising. It's also nice, bright and eye-catching image of the company. It is the brand of the company.

The particularity of corporate design is that it covers not only the work of organization but also comes across the ways of modernization and quality improvement of provided services. 

This type of design increases the stability of the company, improves mutual relations between the employees and as a result the team spirit is achieved.

Nowadays, corporate design is one of the main marketing tools. There’s one very successful example of such a design. Probably everyone knows the famous Coca-Cola Company. Just close your eyes and think about this company. What do you see? Let us guess. Bell-shaped contoured bottle with black fizzy drink, flashy red label and internationally known italics. That is the most striking instance of the situation when the image of the company becomes well-known and starts to bring money.  

Now put the case there’s no such an image, what then? Then Coca Cola would be just one of the dozen drinks standing on the store shelves.

Let’s take the moderate-sized firm that offers some goods or services and hasn’t achieved anything yet. Such a firm is not different from the others who offer the same goods or services.

So, how to cut through the clutter?

To start with trading activity the company needs specific name, logotype and advertising slogan. Whereas the company policy is focused on the development and modernization of products quality then most probably the consumer’s interest will increase. Exactly in this moment company requires professional help. 

Advertising Media Web Studio offers services of developing corporative image and unique company style (brand). If you read this article, you already aspire to order in company, reliability of produced goods or quality of provided services and mutually advantageous relations with partners.

 What is branding?

 That is the creation of company name or so-called ‘naming’. Our professionals will pick up the creative name, unique brand-named logotype, slogan and printing type for your organization.

The Advertising Media Web Studio list of services also includes development of corporate identity, design of modular grid and interior. The basic elements throughout all this multiplicity are logotype and name of the company but to create uniquely memorable character one has to work out the broad range of standards.

Before starting we examine the potential customers of organization, their requests and preferences.

Your wish is our command! At the heart of every corporate identity, our Web Studio is based on the creative idea that displays not only the essence of the company, but also creates an image that will be remembered by potential clients. Uniqueness is achieved by using a variety of techniques e.g. graphic design or an unconventional approach to the project. All this leads to perfect results.

Style worked out by Advertising Media Web Studio will utterly and completely respond to your organization.

If you like what we do, and want to order branding, corporate identity or brand development in Advertising Media Web Studio, get in touch with us by phone: +38 (044) 461 91 61, or launch our simple project planner below: